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Should you experience difficulties using the TIS‑Web® tachograph analysis service please use the following process to try and resolve your problem.

Most problems are due to a lack of familiarity with the system. Although TIS‑Web® is easy to use you may find the help guides available from the left menu to be of use.

Should your problem not be covered by these guides or you feel that your problem is of a more technical nature then please send on E-mail containing details of your problem to our support desk at the following address: tis‑

In your E-mail please provide the following information:

  1. Your name and position
  2. Company contact details
    • Postal address
    • Telephone number (fixed line, mobile)
    • Fax number (if applicable)
  3. TIS account name
  4. Short description of the problem

We will endeavour to contact you within 2 working days. If you have not heard from us within this time frame please call the support team on 0121 725 1312.


VDO Brake Testers & Workshop Equipment

  • HGV Brake Tester
  • Rolling Roads
  • Headlight Testers
  • Smoke Testers
  • Shaker Plates
Image showing workshop scenario More
E-mail us at

Easier Manual Entries (VDO Driver /
TIS‑Web Fleet Apps)

Carry out multiple manual entries using your Smartphone.

Animation of main VDO App features More

VDO Fleet Management

Easy to use telematics with VDO FleetVisor.

Image of FleetVisor application running on tablet computer More

VDO Remote Data Downloading

Automatic downloading of your digital tachograph data.

Image of DLD WR II More

VDO Download Tools

A suite of digital tachograph data downloading tools.

Image of VDO Download Terminal PRO VDO DLK Pro Download Key VDO DLT Download Terminal