Useful Documents

This page contains links to documents that you will find useful when working with TIS‑Web®.

Name Type Description  
TIS‑Web® Quick Reference Guide This document contains information to familiarise you with TIS‑Web® quickly.
DLK Pro DownloadKey Guide This document contains information to familiarise you with the DLKPro Download Key.
TIS‑Web® HAS Service User Guide This document contains instructions for installing and using the TIS‑Web® HAS Service.
TIS‑Web® HAS Service Troubleshooting Guide This document contains instructions for resolving connectivity issues between TIS‑Web® DMM and TIS‑Web® HAS Service.
TIS‑Web® Platinum User Level This document contains details about the Platinum User Level available in TIS‑Web® DMM Service.
TIS‑Web® Recommended Settings This document is a guide to the settings to enable you to get the best out of TIS‑Web®.
Rapid Chart Scanner Manual This document contains detailed information about operating the Rapid Chart Scanner.
Disable DTCO® Special ("S") File Download This document describes how to disable the download of DTCO® Special ( "S") files on the VDO DownloadKey.
Hours Law Guide This document contains summary information on the latest European drivers hours legislation.

VDO Brake Testers & Workshop Equipment

  • HGV Brake Tester
  • Rolling Roads
  • Headlight Testers
  • Smoke Testers
  • Shaker Plates
Image showing workshop scenario More
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Easier Manual Entries (TIS‑Web Fleet App)

Carry out multiple manual entries using your Smartphone.

Animation of main VDO App features More

VDO Fleet Management

Easy to use telematics with VDO FleetVisor.

Image of FleetVisor application running on tablet computer More

VDO Remote Data Downloading

Automatic downloading of your digital tachograph data.

Image of DLD WR II More

VDO Download Tools

A suite of digital tachograph data downloading tools.

Image of VDO Download Terminal PRO VDO DLK Pro Download Key VDO DLT Download Terminal