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The following definitions apply to this Privacy Policy:

  1. "Company" means Continental Automotive Trading UK Ltd.
  2. "Web Site" means this web site at
  3. "TIS-Web" means the TIS‑Web® application software and Internet service on
  4. "Software Application" means a software program or suite of software programs which run on a mobile device, tablet computer, laptop or desktop computer. A Software Application is synonymous with an "App".

Acceptance Through Use

By using the Web Site or TIS‑Web you confirm your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy you will not be able to use the Web Site or TIS‑Web.

This Privacy Policy applies to the Web Site, the TIS‑Web service and Software Applications associated with the TIS‑Web service only. The Web Site may contain links to third party web sites. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third party web sites. The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of third party web sites.


Protecting the security and privacy of your personal information is important to the Company and to the way the Company conducts its business in compliance with laws on privacy, data protection and data security. This policy will help you understand what information the Company may collect in relation to the TIS‑Web service, how the Company uses and safeguards that information and with whom the Company may share it.

The Company is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers.

Non-Personal Information Collected Automatically

When you access the Web Site or the TIS‑Web service the Company may automatically (i.e. not by registration) collect information that is not personally identifiable (e.g. type of Internet browser and computer operating system used, domain name of the web site from which you came, number of visits, average time spent, pages viewed etc.). The Company may use this information and share it with our worldwide affiliates to measure the use of our web sites and improve their content.

Customer Information

The Company collects information about customers using the Company’s services. The Company only uses such data for administration purposes and for the Company to improve its products and services. When you sign up to use the TIS‑Web service and Software Applications associated with the TIS‑Web service the Company may specifically ask for information about you. The Company needs certain information, such as name, postal address, E‑mail address, telephone number etc., in order to provide the TIS‑Web service to you and enable use of Software Applications associated with the TIS‑Web service. The Company may also use this information to inform you about additional products and services in which you might be interested. If you do not wish to receive information about additional products and services you can opt out in the registration process for the TIS‑Web service and associated Software Applications.

The Company may use your data in an aggregated and anonymised form for the purposes of providing benchmarking and statistical services.

The Company does not store payment card or financial information on this Web Site or the TIS‑Web service.

Personal Data Requests

You may make the following requests to the Company with regard to your personal data held by the company:

  • You may request a copy of the personal data held by the Company about you. The Company reserves the right to charge an administration fee to fulfill this request.
  • You may request that the Company correct your personal data.
  • You may request the Company delete any personal data held about you. However, this may prevent the Company from being able to offer the TIS‑Web service and use of Software Applications associated with the TIS‑Web service to you.

You may make any of the requests defined above by sending an E‑mail to


The Company does not disclose information that you may give the Company, such as your name, postal address, E‑mail address or telephone number, to any outside companies or organisations other than those who are in partnership with the Company or contracted by the Company in providing the Web Site and the TIS‑Web service to you.

The Company will only disclose the information that you give the Company to the authorities where we are obliged to by law.


The Company takes precautions to ensure the security of your data and strives to keep it accurate. The Company carefully protects your data from loss, destruction, falsification, manipulation and unauthorised access or unauthorised disclosure.

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy please contact the Company by E-mail at and ensure that the words "TIS‑Web Privacy Policy" are present in the subject line.


The company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to accommodate changes to legislation, the operational environment etc. . The current Privacy Policy shall be made available on the Web Site. Please check the Web Site regularly for newer versions of this Privacy Policy.

Effective Date: 10th May 2014

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