Software Downloads For TIS-Web®

This page contains links to software which you can download and use with TIS‑Web®. The following table defines the software and the links.

Name Type Description  
TIS‑Web® Client Software Installer for TIS-Web DMM 5.0 This software provides the controls to read DTCO® driver cards and download key data for TIS‑Web® DMM 5.0. DMM 5.0 is fully compliant with the new smart tachograph. Please ensure that you select the correct download depending on whether your version of Windows® is 32 bit or 64 bit.
TIS‑Web® Scanner Client Version 1.19 Tachograph chart editing program for TIS‑Web® that is used to digitise and correct scanned tachograph charts. The digitised data is then transferred to the TIS‑Web® web site via the Automatic Upload Service (please see next item below).
TIS‑Web® Automatic Upload Version 1.5.3 Automatic Upload Service that automatically transfers digital download files and digitised tachograph chart data captured using TIS‑Web® Scanner Client.
Microsoft® Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (vcredist_x86.exe) This package can be used to resolve the problem where some of the controls on the Download form in TIS‑Web® are blank or show a small graphic at the top left. If you are updating your TIS‑Web® software using the online installer then this package can help. This package contains additional software to support the TIS‑Web® controls in the Download form. We recommend that you transfer this package to your computer and then run it.
Smart Card Reader Drivers The link on the right will direct you to the web site from which you can download the latest drivers for the smart card reader supplied by Continental.
TIS‑Web® Client Software Offline Installer In order for TIS‑Web® to operate you need to have some software, the TIS‑Web® client software, installed on your computer. This software provides the controls to read DTCO® driver cards, download key data etc. You have the option of downloading this software when you sign onto TIS‑Web® (online install) or installing it separately (offline install). Due to security restrictions it may not be possible for you to use the online install method for theTIS‑Web® client software. This software package contains the TIS‑Web® client software for offline install operation. In order to use this package you must ensure that your account has been set for offline install (please contact our support team at tis‑support@continental‑ to have this change made). The offline install package is supplied as a self extracting executable file (just open the file to run the installation). You must have administrator privileges in order to install the software in this package.

If you have already installed the TIS‑Web® client software using the offline installer please use this software package to update your installation to the latest version.

VDO Brake Testers & Workshop Equipment

  • HGV Brake Tester
  • Rolling Roads
  • Headlight Testers
  • Smoke Testers
  • Shaker Plates
Image showing workshop scenario More
E-mail us at

Easier Manual Entries (VDO Driver /
TIS‑Web Fleet Apps)

Carry out multiple manual entries using your Smartphone.

Animation of main VDO App features More

VDO Fleet Management

Easy to use telematics with VDO FleetVisor.

Image of FleetVisor application running on tablet computer More

VDO Remote Data Downloading

Automatic downloading of your digital tachograph data.

Image of DLD WR II More

VDO Download Tools

A suite of digital tachograph data downloading tools.

Image of VDO Download Terminal PRO VDO DLK Pro Download Key VDO DLT Download Terminal