VDO Driver App & TIS‑Web Fleet App


The VDO Driver and/or TIS‑Web Fleet apps can be downloaded to an iOS™ or Android™ smartphone from the Apple or Google Play stores respectively.

The VDO Driver and/or TIS‑Web Fleet apps offer the following functionality:

Multiple Manual Entries (DTCO®2.2 onwards + Smartlink)

Add and store multiple tachograph manual entries into your Smartphone and then transfer them in one go to the DTCO®2.2, saving useful time and ensuring correct manual entries are sent to the DTCO®.

Driver Card Download (DTCO® v1.3 onwards + Smartlink and TIS‑Web Fleet app)

A driver card download notification is sent to the registered driver’s smartphone on the day the driver card is due for a download. On pressing the Download Driver Card function icon the download of the driver card data is initiated and successfully transferred to the TIS‑Web® system.

Daily Vehicle Check (TIS‑Web Fleet app)

Using the Vehicle Check functionality, a driver can carry out their daily vehicle checks electronically and record any defects and up to 2 photographs per vehicle check. The completed vehicle check is then sent to TIS‑Web® for storage and the reporting of passed, failed and missed vehicle checks.

VDO Counter (DTCO® v2.0a onwards + Smartlink)

View your current, daily and weekly remaining driving and rest times and any daily driving extensions and daily rest reductions graphically. The VDO Counter and the location data is also sent to the TIS‑Web® system every 5 minutes if using it with the TIS-Web Fleet app.

Remote Control (DTCO® v1.3 onwards + Smartlink)

Use your smartphone to view the display on your digital tachograph and carry out the complete operation of the tachograph remotely.

Messaging (TIS‑Web Fleet app)

The messaging function can be used to send and receive messages between the driver and the TIS‑Web® system. Also allows automatic reminder messages to be sent to the driver to download their driver card before the download due date. Reminder messages are also available for Vehicle Unit download and Driver Card expiry dates.

Some of the app functions will require the use of the DTCO® Smartlink. Detailed instructions to use the apps can be found in the Useful Documents section under Help.

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VDO Brake Testers & Workshop Equipment

  • HGV Brake Tester
  • Rolling Roads
  • Headlight Testers
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Easier Manual Entries (VDO Driver /
TIS‑Web Fleet Apps)

Carry out multiple manual entries using your Smartphone.

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VDO Fleet Management

Easy to use telematics with VDO FleetVisor.

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VDO Remote Data Downloading

Automatic downloading of your digital tachograph data.

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VDO Download Tools

A suite of digital tachograph data downloading tools.

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