TIS-Web® 4.9 New Features

TIS-Web new features visual

VDO are delighted to inform you that from Monday 8th January 2018, the latest version of TIS-Web®, Version 4.9, will be available with the following new features and improvements:

  • Driver Availability via WR-DLD II data

    The Driver Availability functionality in TIS-Web DMM can now display the VDO Counter data received from the WR-DLD II unit when used with TIS-Web Motion for location information.

  • Switchboard Summary Cards

    The data summary cards on the Switchboard screen can now be enabled or disabled based on the privileged assigned to the logged in user.

  • More Scheduled Reports

    The following six reports can now be scheduled for email delivery:

    • Daily Driver Activity Protocol
    • Driver Work Days
    • Total Driver Infringement
    • Driver Infringement Shift Report
    • Driving without Start Nation
    • Vehicle Odometer Summary
  • Total Driver Infringement Report in CSV format

    The Total Driver Infringement report can now be exported in the CSV format.

  • Reminders Report – specific reminder selection

    A new field in the Reminders Report called Selected Reminders allows the user to select the specific type of reminders from the following selection:

    • Driver Card Download
    • Vehicle Unit Download
    • Driver Card Expiry
    • Vehicle Unit Calibration
  • Driver Letter Report – Reporting period

    The Driver Letter report now displays the reporting period that has been used to generate the report.

  • Adjacent Break Modes

    The Drivers Hours Law engine has been updated to allow for adjacent Break modes when interpreting the 45min Break from 4.5 hours driving rule.

For more information, please download the following document "What’s New in TIS-Web 4.9".  Download document What's new in TIS-Web 4.9

Should you have any queries about TIS‑Web® please contact your support team on 0121 725 1312.

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