Use TIS‑Web® to analyse data from digital and analogue tachographs.

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Important Information

  • If you are using a combination of the Google Chrome 58 internet browser and the TIS-Web HAS service for downloading your Driver Card and Vehicle Unit data into TIS-Web, please update your TIS-Web HAS service to version 1.0.6.

  • For further information about TIS-Web products and updates, please check the Messages icon in TIS-Web Switchboard area when you log into your TIS-Web account.

  • Before using TIS-Web® for the first time, please refer to the TIS-Web Quick Reference Guide in the Useful Documents section under Help

  • Continental are now offering a bank Direct Debit service to pay for your monthly TIS-Web® usage. It works out cheaper to pay for your TIS-Web usage using our Direct Debit service. For further information please contact our TIS-Web® support team on 0121 326 1238.

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TIS‑Web Fleet App

Carry out driver card download, daily vehicle checks, view remaining driving & rest times, remotely control the DTCO® and use 2-way messaging using your smartphone.

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You will need to subscribe to use the TIS‑Web Fleet App


TruckYa! Parking App

The latest VDO App that identifies HGV parking availability and more!

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