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Easier Manual Entries (TIS‑Web Fleet App)

Carry out multiple manual entries (DTCO®2.2), daily vehicle checks, view remaining driving & rest times, remotely control the DTCO® and two-way messaging using your Smartphone.

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DTCO®2.2 Upgrade + Free DTCO® Smartlink

The new VDO Universal Digital Tachograph v2.2 is now available to purchase online. The price includes the installation & calibration cost and a free DTCO® Smartlink to assist you with your tachograph manual entries.

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VDO Remote Data Downloading

Use our new range of remote data downloading devices (DLDs) for automatically downloading your digital tachograph data and vehicle telematics using either GPRS (DLD WRII+SIM card).

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VDO Download Tools

Quick and easy downloading of all digital tachograph data for Fleets, Drivers and Workshops using the VDO DLK Pro Download Key or the VDO DLT Download Terminal, which can also be connected to a WiFi Router for unmanned and standalone operation.

Image of VDO Download Terminal PRO VDO DLK Pro Download Key VDO DLT Download Terminal